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My travel blog


I return

I have rediscovered LiveJournal after a discernable amount of time has passed, only to find that entries I wrote a couple of years ago were a little bit embarrassing. Not a lot – just a little. Anyway, I was on the verge of deleting my account, the cursor was over delete button and I hesitated. Did I really want to be a revisionist? Did I want to remove my personal history just because it made me cringe? No. Then I reread my journal entries and I thought “this isn’t so bad, I can cope with this”. In fact, some of the entries, like the ones about our trip to Margaret River, made me smile. That’s worth its survival, I think. Besides, if I delete my past, it kind of ruins the journey, doesn’t it?

Welcome me back.


This was posted on the Theatre Australia website.

Congratulations to young local playwrite Daniel Kershaw after his work scooped the pool at the Southwest One Act Festival under the direction of Sarah House.

This production really brought home the bacon for Garrick Theatre Club with four awards to it's credit.

The Jackson/Reeve Award Perpetual Trophy for Best Original Script

Best Supporting Female Actor (Gemma Scott as "Sophie")

Best Male Actor (Zen Fairborn as "Rufus")

Best Director (Sarah House)

Kudos are also in order for Phoenix Theatre's entrant "The Last of The Plum Sisters".Directed by Peter Nettleton, with Tim Prosser (as "Jasper Plum") winning the Alex Shura Award Perpetual Trophy for Best Character Performance and also to the KADS entrant "Two" which won the Best Play Perpetual Trophy for the best overall performance.

Well done one and all and thankyou Bunbury Repertory Club for once again providing us with the venue for a wonderful weekends entertainment.
More comments.

As to the third play, I was most impressed with the fact that it was written by a local lad, who also played the main role. It showed a lot of maturity and insight and I predict it will do well in the forthcoming festival.

A review

PLAY THREE: “Awakenings”
PLAYWRIGHT: Daniel Kershaw
DIRECTOR: Sarah House

PLOT LINE: Rufus and Allan are room mates. Sophie is Allan’s girlfriend. The play opens with Rufus going through his fitness routine at home. Allan - an aspiring writer - storms on yelling at Rufus - which does not appear to be abnormal in any sense. They continue arguing. Allan’s writing his first novel. Sophie has had a rotten day at work and comes to see Allan. Allan’s constant lack of sympathy towards her gets them into another fight. Sophie storms out of the apartment as Rufus comes home with the milk. Allan doesn’t understand anything and lamely attempts to talk it through with Rufus - who he considers a ‘bone head’ to say the least. Through the conversation much is revealed about both characters - Allan and Rufus - and they must now find a general ground to stand on with each other. Rufus manages to give Allan advice about dealing with Sophie and Allan manages to allow Rufus to open up about being gay. A light comedy that deals with relationships and truths.

COMMENTS: Hilarious. Congratulations to Daniel Kershaw. Well written play indeed. The character’s are easily likeable and also easy to laugh with. As an audience member I had no problem empathising with these people.

All three actors held true to their characters. Although I found at some places a lack of vocal range may have been encountered. The general use of body and voice was well done - in particular the character of Rufus - whose constant light energy contrasted well with Allan’s frustration and tension. The tension between Sophie and Allan was noticeable as soon as Sophie set foot onstage and developed as their situation was revealed to the audiencei and they began arguing again. The character of Rufus would be my personal favourite in this particular piece. His appearance as the stereotyped alpha male whose not the brightest of people to the generally thoughtful and open man he is at the end of the play.

The design for this piece was general and more modern then the other two plays. The use of lines in the costuming - in particular - helped to set the context up for the audiencei - time and age of the characters in particular. The lighting was a simple white wash throughout the entirety of the play and no sound was used.

Overall I enjoyed this performance. It was relaxing in a strange way - yes I found tension relaxing. The lines were delivered well and no noticeable stuff ups were made. The use of pauses in particular was excellent. So congratulations to all involved.

And congratulations to all involved in the 2006 One Act Season and thank you for an enjoyable night out.

~ Tari

---- I am up for two playwright awards, ftw. If anyone wants a copy of the performance, let me know.

Being a playwright

Into the third night of my original play, ‘Awakenings’ being performed.

The first night was nerve racking. I have never been so nervous before. Not only did I perform the lead role, but I wrote the play as well. I told myself if no one laughed during the performance, I would cry myself asleep, cursing the day I decided to write. Lucky for me, they did and more than I expected them too. The second night was even more surprising, when they laughed ‘heartily’ through the entire performance. This phenomenon can only lead to one realisation, “Once I thought I was mediocre, but now I realise I am a genius. Fuck you.”

I’ve gathered a few excerpts from the play.

Rufus, played by Zen said this is his favourite bit:

Rufus: Of course you want to talk about it. Talking about your problems makes you feel better. I might not be able to understand what you are going through, or be able to give you suitable advice, but the main thing is that you express yourself. Remember to overcome a problem, you must first recognize it.

Allen: That’s actually quite insightful for you.

Rufus: I heard it on Oprah.

This part got an unexpected response from the audience. A mixture of laughter and ‘ooohhh’ due to what a jerk Allen is.

Sophie: All you care about is that novel. There, I said it!

Allen: It’s something I love doing, you know that?

Sophie: Of course I know that. And don’t make me out to be insensitive. I’ve been supportive since the beginning, but the time you spend on your work is at an expense to our relationship.

Allen: I love you both.

The most amusing part of the play I can not reveal because it would ruin the plot twist. You can see it for yourself when I've made up a dvd recording of the play - got to love owning the rights.

Here's a section I thought was quite funny when I wrote it, but didn't get much reaction.

Rufus: Yeah, I know. (Goes to leave and then turns around excited by a new idea). Hey, you know what I just thought of?

Allen: (His patience is wearing) Rufus.

Rufus: You should write a story like one of those Tom Clancy novels, you know? They’re real entertaining.

Allen: You’ve read Tom Clancy?

Rufus: I wouldn’t say read. I’ve watched the ones they made into movies. They’re great! You should definitely write something like that.

Another fucking survey

stolen from miss_gracie who stole it from paper_goldfish, who probably stole it from some other nerd/geek...

1. Name:
2. Age/Birthday:
3. Single or Taken:
4. Favorite Movie:
5. Favorite Song:
6. Favorite Band/Rapper/Artist:
7. Favorite Book/Comic Book:
8. Tattoos and/or Piercings:
9. Favorite TV Show:
10. Favorite Video Game/Board Game:
11. Do we know each other outside of Livejournal?:
12. Would you give me a kidney?:
13. Tell me one odd/interesting fact about you:
14. If you could change anything about your current life, would you?:
15. Will you post this so I can fill it out for you?:
16. Post a picture of you:

Winter nights

Fremantle on a cold, gloomy day is the most romantic place in Western Australia. Florescent lights perform a shadow orchestra of figures walking along, hunched in from the biting wind, protecting themselves as if the dark sky above was to collapse at any given second. I love this place, especially at night, when the streets lights come on. It feels nostalgic, as if it is a place froze in time in the 1960’s and refused to participate in ideas like development or progress. Most of all it reminds me of the Woody Allen film, ‘Manhattan’. Abundant and beautiful shades of black and white imposed upon the senses, making the world into one big, beautiful black and white photograph. Incidently, that film is also Anouska’s favourite. As a house warming present, I have ordered the poster from the U.K. so we can hang it in our lounge room.

We walked around, hand in hand, feeling the cold, feeling each other, looking for something to do. The thought of a film came by and went as the showings didn’t suit us. We had coffee (yes I know), some wedges and cold rock ice cream and looked through the bookstore. I picked up the Annie Hall screenplay that I had ordered in and Anouska bought me a “O Brother Where Art Though” screenplay to add to my mounting collecting. Eventually we decided to go see a play and drove to Melville to see a one act season. The first two productions were quite poor, as was the free sherry given to us before them. The soup at intermission was superb and perfect for such a cold evening. The third production was locally written and quite good, being well directed and acted. The playwright who wrote this won the best original play in last year’s one act festival and will be up against myself this year. But I can say this with a great deal of certainty – mine is much better.

Back to Wednesday night. We awake at 12:30pm to the sound of the house alarm blaring its mournful wail. I wake up first in complete shock and shake Anouska awake. Not knowing who is touching her, being pitch black and the alarm muting my voice, she screams in sheer terror, as she believes I am an intruder. I am left a little shaken after I finally calm her down and then run out into the corridor, completely naked and oblivious to any danger I was putting myself in, to turn off the alarm. I return to the bedroom, to reassure Anouska that we are safe and after we both put on some clothes, we scout around the house to make sure it is secure, which it is. The event left us somewhat nervous, and we stayed up to watch mediocre late night television until sleep took control of us. We suspect, although we have no way of proving it, that somewhat attempted to break in, because the alarm never plays up, only going off once when the wind blew an umbrella against the window. Nothing fell in the house either, which could have set it off. It is a little alarming (mind the pun) to be in a situation like this, but it has forced us to set in place some safety checks in case something ever happens. I also have an axe handle under the bed, ready to strike with ferocity, singing an ancient Greek battle chant – a lelelelele.
I'm surprising Nushy with some flowers when she arrives home from work.

Day 3 of the coffee ween goes well. Only one caffeinated drink thus far.

Love you all.



Getting off a substance you’re addicted to is really hard. My heart goes out to anyone attempting to quit smoking or any other kind of drug. I’m struggling to get off caffeine – and that’s a legal drug. No one warns you however that it IS an addictive substance and affects your daily performance. Not to say that I think it is evil or anything: it’s not. It’s just bad when you have too much of it and your body craves it when it doesn’t have the same amount (which was a lot) pumped into it everyday. I’ve felt like shit all day; headaches; fatigue and irritability. I’ve tried to take the edge off all day. I went to the gym, have drunk a lot of water, had hot chocolate and a great deal of food. The only caffeine I’ve had today was a diet Coke, it helped with a couple of pain killers. I may require a cup of tea later on. You may not believe that caffeine has had so an effect on me, but I was having at least 2 espresso coffees a day, plus a few teas, if not a red bull as well. It was excessive and unhealthy.

In a small way I can relate to Burroughs in Junky, when to get off the junk, he just uses a lot of another substance, from pot to alcohol, while he slowly weens himself off. Though he just got back on a few weeks/months later anyway, the principle still applies. I need something else to help me through it. I will just eat and sleep a lot, while steadily reducing my intake. I figure that I’ll start feeling better after about a week. I miss coffee.